These are our favorite projects. We  lend our trademark clean and modern style to our sustainable practices.

Additions and Ohanas are a wonderful way to make the home you already love more spacious while having the privacy to share your home with guests or loved ones.

Often times, your home has some great bones to work with, and renovating can save you from having to move. Even classic homes can be modified for both practicality and luxury.

We are proud to work with Huber Pools and Maui Pool Masters to bring you the very best pool designs and make them a reality. Also pairing a pool or spa with a renewable energy system cuts costs, and makes the environment stronger.

After many years working with multiple jurisdictions, we know the ins and outs of the complex system required to navigate to get your build done.

Our Feasibility Studies are assessments of the practicality of your project. This helps take away some of the guessing game when considering whether to move forward with a build.

Providing clients with the sustainable options in regards to materials, methods, and the newest technologies in renewable energy, water, and waste systems.

No project too big. We have worked on the county level, the state level, and with the Federal Government, along with countless private large scale projects. 

Hawaii Off Grid is a proud dealer of Blue Ion 2.0. By far the best battery on the market, Blue Planet Energy provides great support and the app makes it easy for home owners to interact with and understand their energy system.

No need to sacrifice luxury while doing the right thing. We are happy to work with you to identify exactly what you need...and make it happen.